Congrats Joe Knose, a Ryder Driver of the Year

April 9, 2019

Joe Knose, a Pickup & Delivery driver at Mohawk’s Fishers, Indiana warehouse, was one of 32 drivers from across the country to receive the Ryder BU (Business Unit) Driver of the Year award in recognition of his safety record and performance. Ryder Logistics is one of Mohawk’s business partners, and the award was given to drivers who operate the business unit’s equipment.

“Drivers are the first thing a customer sees when a delivery is being made,” said Joe, who has been a Mohawk driver for almost a decade. “How we act and perform reflects our brand name.”

Joe says he follows a simple formula to ensure his success as a Mohawk driver:

  • Safety comes first.
  • Keep a positive attitude, especially during deliveries.
  • Know your customer and their needs. It really builds the customer relationship.
  • Exceed customer expectations by delivering quality and order accuracy the first time.

“The bottom line is that, the competition is out there.  If we at Mohawk don’t bring what the customer is looking for, someone else out there will.”

“Joe always goes above and beyond to both on the road with deliveries and in the warehouse without having to be asked, said Warehouse Manager Tom Brady. “He contributes positive constructive feedback to help enhance operations in any way possible. Joe is a solid team player and I enjoy having him on our team.”

Along with his award plaque, Joe received a custom jeweled ring. Ryder also does a monthly driver recognition program which Joe also won back in April 2018.

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