Employee Feature: On the Road with Brandon Mathis

August 9, 2022

It’s not always easy balancing work with family time, and that can be even more difficult as a single parent. But for Local Driver Brandon Mathis, the schedule he’s able to work while driving for Mohawk helps him focus on both his career and his daughter.

As a local driver out of Calhoun, GA, Brandon starts his workday early in the morning (AKA, the middle of the night for most of us) and is back home in time to pick his daughter up from school and take her to any events or extracurricular activities.

“Mohawk has allowed me to have a job I enjoy while being able to support my family and be there for my daughter when she needs me,” Brandon said. “I’ve been with Mohawk for almost 17 years, and I like being outside of an office setting and having something new and different to look forward to each day.”

A special note

One fun fact about Brandon is his artistic and creative side.

When his daughter first started kindergarten, Brandon and his sister began noticing that she would come home from school with pieces of paper scribbled on with letters and drawings, written in newly learned handwriting. When they asked her what they were, she said that other kids had letters from their parents in their lunch boxes, so she had made her own so she didn’t feel left out.

“As a single dad, I didn’t know that was something a lot of parents did, and it was a hard moment to realize she felt different from the other kids,” Brandon said. “But I knew that I could at least do something about it.”

Brandon promised himself he’d make up for it. That next day, he started leaving a special drawing and note in his daughter’s lunch – she’s now in 7th grade, but the drawings haven’t stopped.

“It’s just a small way that I can be connected and be there for her, since I’m always already at work by the time she gets up and heads to school. But with my schedule, I am there to be the one to pick her up in the afternoons and be there for her with whatever we do after school.”

Thanks, Brandon, for being a part of the Mohawk team and sharing your story!

Check out some of his drawings and notes of encouragement below.

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