Meet our First Delivery Operations Champions in Salt Lake City

September 20, 2020

Congratulations to Ross Montoya and the Salt Lake City, UT team for winning the first Delivery Operations Championship Belt, a competition that recognizes excellence among the FNA division’s network of 40 regional and satellite distribution centers.

The new quarterly championship belt is based on the results of a balanced scorecard used for the last two years that focuses on key metrics such as safety performance customer success and cost control.

“In 2018, we embarked on a restructure of our regional operations teams in an effort to create a world-class final-mile division,” Vice President of Delivery Operations Mat Witte said. “The best way to manage performance of such a large group is to create a balanced scorecard, which ‘levels the playing field’ across operations and regions of varying sizes. Those who rank at or near the top of the scorecard are truly running a successful operation.”

The balanced scorecard contains 24 separate metrics, with equal weight (“balanced”) across the categories of People, Service, Operations, and Finance. Within the four balanced categories are specific metrics related to safety, on-time performance, inventory, and cost control. After testing the scorecard throughout 2019, they fully implemented it in 2020.

Ross Montoya and his Salt Lake City, UT team finished as the champion of the first quarter,” Mat said. “What makes Ross’ performance more incredible is that nationwide, the entire warehouse and delivery team, is performing at an all-time high in 2020 – safety, turnover, delivery execution, and costs. It takes an incredible performance to land ahead of his talented peers, and Ross deserves all recognition for achieving it.”

“Mohawk has a very talented team across the country, so the competition is tough,” West Coast Director of Operations Brian Howell said. “Besides the fact that you have to be relentless on striving for continuous improvement the key to getting to the top is getting the entire team to buy in and understand what drives each category. I believe this is the difference that has put UTS in the top spot. Ross Montoya has kept his team in tune to exactly where they stand, what metrics need work, and the team has learned together what levers need to be pulled to move the needle.  As you walk through the facility, you will see scorecards posted with notes to keep the team engaged and there is plenty of talk throughout the day about the scorecard. It’s a great example of teamwork.”

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