National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! This week is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the many professional truck drivers who deliver goods across our nation every day while keeping our highways safe. 

To celebrate, Mohawk gave gifts to each of our drivers to thank them for all they do, but the fun didn’t end there! In the regions, food was provided each day and cookouts were held at different locations within NWGA. 

Below are some quotes from various Mohawk employees to help show why this week is so important:

Driver appreciation week gives us the opportunity to recognize our drivers, those that we don’t get to see as often as most since they spend most of their time out on the road. Recognizing them for literally keeping our company moving, the responsibility they embrace pertaining to safety as they drive down the road and their overall commitment to deliver our products on time.Thank you to all our drivers for your commitment to making Mohawk the best it can be, for your professionalism and most of all thank you for operating safe!” said Brian Howell, Senior Director of Delivery Operations. 

“I am constantly reminded that professional drivers are placed in an uncontrollable environment and asked to predict the unpredictable. We rely on drivers to keep our economy moving but forget to respect them on the road, making a difficult job much harder. At Mohawk, we have the best in the business with an unmatched level of professionalism and safety and I am grateful to support such a wonderful team,” said Micah Riggle, Sr. Director of HR for Supply Chain.

The backbone of America rides on the wheels of trucks. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week honors the men and women who embark on long journeys, navigating through all weather conditions, to deliver goods that keep our nation running smoothly. Their tireless dedication and sacrifice make this week special as we express gratitude for their essential role in our company, economy and daily lives,” said Jamie Miller, Director of Transportation. 

“It’s Driver Appreciation Week! This is a great time to recognize Mohawk drivers for all that they do! As a group, they drive close to 60 million miles annually, executing over 1 million deliveries/stops/moves. Many of our drivers sacrifice time away from their families, working nights and weekends, spending consecutive days/nights out on the road in all kinds of conditions from extreme heat to blizzards and hurricanes to ensure our flooring products get delivered. Our drivers are the best in the business! Their safety record is world-class in the industry! We thank all our drivers and those that support them for a JOB WELL DONE!” said Steve Bevan, Director of Transportation NWGA & Logistics Maintenance. 

Again, thank you to all of our Mohawk drivers across the country, for ensuring Mohawk is the best in the business!

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